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Rune Jørgen Sørensen
Professor, Department of Economics, Norwegian Business School - BI

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Contact information:

Telephone: +47 46 41 05 95

ORCID: 0000-0003-0375-7677

Mailing address:
Department of Economics 
Norwegian Business School - BI, 
N-0484 Oslo, Norway

Office Address:

Nydalsveien 37

0484 Oslo, Norway

Recent publications:

Age and Vote Choice: Is There a Conservative Shift among Older Voters? (With Benny Geys and Tom-Reiel Heggedal) Forthcoming in Electoral Studies.   Online Appendix.

The Zero-Rent Society. Evidence from Hydropower and Petroleum Windfalls in Norwegian Local Governments. (With Jørgen Juel Andersen) Journal of Public Economics 2022, 209:104650. Online Appendix


Public Sector Employment and Voter Turnout. (With Benny Geys) American Political Science Review. 2022, 116(1): 367-373 Online Appendix

Political (Over)Representation of Public Sector Employees and the Double-Motive Hypothesis: Evidence from Norwegian Register Data (2007-2019). (With Benny Geys and Zuzana Murdoch). Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 2022, 32(2):326-341.

Moral hazard in electoral teams: List rank and campaign effort. (With Gary Cox, Jon H. Fiva and Dan Smith) Journal of Public Economics 2021, 200:104457


Political Alignment and Bureaucratic Pay. (With Jon H. Fiva, Benny Geys and Tom Reiel Heggedal)  Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 2021, 31(3):596–615.

Administrative Delegation of Budgetary Powers and Fiscal Performance (With Benny Geys)  Available as eary view in Kyklos 2020, 73: 477– 499. News coverage in the LSE blog and in the Ökonomenstimme

Popular support for environmental protection: A life-cycle perspective. Accepted for publication in the British Journal of Political Science 2021, 51(3): 1348-1355. (With Tom-Reiel Heggedal and Benny Geys) Also available as Working paper. News coverage in BI Business Review.

The impact of women above the political glass ceiling: Evidence from a Norwegian executive gender quota reform. Electoral Studies 2019, 60:1-10. (With Benny Geys) Also available as Working Paper News coverage in the BI Business Review.

The impact of state television on voter turnout. British Journal of Political Science, 2019, 49(1):257-278.) Available as Working Paper. News coverage in the LSE-blog and in Dagens Næringsliv.

Who dies early? Education, mortality and causes of death in Norway. Social Science & Medicine 2020, 245:112601. (With Jostein Grytten and Irene Skau)  Available as Working paper. News coverage on

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