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Rune Jørgen Sørensen
Professor, Department of Economics, Norwegian Business School - BI

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Contact information:

Telephone: +47 46 41 05 95

ORCID: 0000-0003-0375-7677

Mailing address:
Department of Economics 
Norwegian Business School - BI, 
N-0484 Oslo, Norway

Office Address:

Nydalsveien 37

0484 Oslo, Norway

Recent publications:

A Post-politics Earnings Penalty? Evidence from Politicians’ Life-time Income Trajectories (1970-2019). 2023. With Benny Geys. Kyklos 77(1): p. 57-76


Altruistic politicians: Evidence from charitable giving in Norway2023. Working Paper. BI Norwegian Business School


Public Employees as Elected Politicians: Assessing Direct and Indirect Substantive Effects of Passive Representation. 2024. With Benny Geys and Zuzana Murdoch). For publication in the Journal of Politics 86(1) (to be published January 2004).


Educated politicians and government efficiency: Evidence from Norwegian local government. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2023, 210: 163-179.


Age and Vote Choice: Is There a Conservative Shift among Older Voters? (With Benny Geys and Tom-Reiel Heggedal) Electoral Studies 78, 2022, Online Appendix.


The Zero-Rent Society. Evidence from Hydropower and Petroleum Windfalls in Norwegian Local Governments. (With Jørgen Juel Andersen) Journal of Public Economics 2022, 209:104650. Online Appendix


Public Sector Employment and Voter Turnout. (With Benny Geys) American Political Science Review. 2022, 116(1): 367-373 Online Appendix

Political (Over)Representation of Public Sector Employees and the Double-Motive Hypothesis: Evidence from Norwegian Register Data (2007-2019). (With Benny Geys and Zuzana Murdoch). Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 2022, 32(2):326-341.

Moral hazard in electoral teams: List rank and campaign effort. (With Gary Cox, Jon H. Fiva and Dan Smith) Journal of Public Economics 2021, 200:104457


Political Alignment and Bureaucratic Pay. (With Jon H. Fiva, Benny Geys and Tom Reiel Heggedal)  Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 2021, 31(3):596–615.

Administrative Delegation of Budgetary Powers and Fiscal Performance (With Benny Geys)  Available as eary view in Kyklos 2020, 73: 477– 499. News coverage in the LSE blog and in the Ökonomenstimme

Popular support for environmental protection: A life-cycle perspective. British Journal of Political Science 2021, 51(3): 1348-1355. (With Tom-Reiel Heggedal and Benny Geys) Also available as Working paper. News coverage in BI Business Review.

Who dies early? Education, mortality and causes of death in Norway. Social Science & Medicine 2020, 245:112601. (With Jostein Grytten and Irene Skau)  Available as Working paper. News coverage on

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